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World Youth Day journal 2005 - part 1

Here's the start of my World Youth Day 2005 journal. The rest will follow soon.

This was my first trip to a World Youth Day and what an experience it proved to be. I took a group of 7 young people aged between 15 and 24. We were to make our own way to Bamberg in Bavaria where we would join up with a group of 70 or so French young people from Brittany, led by Brothers from my order.

Day 1 - Thurs. Aug. 11th: Liverpool - Blackpool - Stansted - Frankfurt - Bamberg - Burgebrach!
Our budget-priced journey to Bamberg took in a mini-bus, 2 Ryanair planes, one of which we had to run for, a shuttle bus from Frankfurt’s second airport (nowhere near Frankfurt as it turned out - 90 mins. drive away) to Frankfurt railway station, a run along the platform (Burger King meal in hand) to catch a train that through the famed German hyper-efficiency (this was as good as it got) tried to close its door on my leg whilst I held it open for the others who were arriving behind me (and this after a controlle…