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Deliberate mistake...

Yes, ok. So Bilbo wasn't a "human being". But Hobbits may indeed be our cousins!

Tony Blair, aka Bilbo Baggins

Tony Blair is... Bilbo Baggins. The more I see him, the more I see the likeness to Tolkien's hero. The longer he had the Ring of Power, the harder it got for him to part with it. He became weighed down by its power. The hold it had over him transformed him physically (tired facial creases, rictus smile, grey hair, fake tan... well, the last two maybe not in Bilbo's case). Once Bilbo finally managed to let go of the ring, an overwhelming sense of relief transformed him back into a nice, normal human being. I get the feeling that this too will happen with dear ol' Tony once he finally relinquishes power voluntarily or Gollum manages to steal it from him!

Hold on a moment! . Tony B. is Frodo, Gordon B. is Sam (including the bit where Frodo thinks Sam wants to take the ring for himself) and Michael H. is Gollum!!... Problem... can't quite imagine Michael biting Tony's finger off, though he does seem to be accusing him and Sam... err... Gordon ("nasty, fat hobbit!&…